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  • Randal Edmondson

Sgt. Major Edmondson's Journey: From the Army to Real Estate with Patriot Family Home SkillBridge

My name is Command Sergeant Major Randal J Edmondson. I am currently finishing up over 22 ½ years of Active-Duty Service in the U.S. Army. My current and last assignment is the Command Sergeant Major of 2nd Squadron 16th Cavalry Regiment at Fort Benning, GA. My journey in real estate started almost 2 years ago. Realizing that my time in the Army was coming to an end and trying to decide what I wanted to do after my military service. I had a mentor a few years ago that referred me to Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” After reading that book, like many Real Estate Investors, I decided that I wanted to dive into the world of Real Estate investing. I spent almost 6 months analyzing, reading, and consuming real estate content before finally deciding to attempt to flip a house. Without going in to all the details of those projects, I managed to flip 5 homes in 18 months here in Columbus, Ga. While fixing and flipping certainly had its ups and downs, I learned more than I ever thought I could. The number one thing that I learned and realized I was missing was a community of like-minded investors/friends to navigate this journey with. I always had a desire to learn about the Short-Term Rental Business but had really no idea where to start. As I was contemplating how I wanted to leverage the DoD Skill Bridge program to prepare me for life after the Army, a fellow investor and friend of mine mentioned Patriot Family Homes. A Veteran owned and operated STR company that employs former service members and their spouses that has scaled from 2 to 400+ homes in 3 years. This immediately caught my attention. After doing some research and reaching out to Joe Riley, PFH’s owner, I knew this was the best fit for me and I could not have been more right! Working with PFH has allowed me to continue doing the two things I love the most, working with Veterans and their families, and real estate!

As I approach 30 days as a SkillBridge Intern with PFH, I could not have asked for a more rewarding experience. I am currently working in Business Development as a Sales and Underwriting representative. This position continues to challenge and reward me both personally and professionally every day. As a sales representative it allows me to leverage and refine my interpersonal skills as I share with homeowners what PFH is all about. Additionally, I can solve problems and provide solutions to help future clients as well help the business achieve its goals. I am excited to continue to scale my professional growth and challenge myself to learn all I can about the STR business. The knowledge, skill, and attributes I acquired over a 22-year Army career has certainly helped me navigate the first month of this internship and I am excited to see where the future takes me and PFH! If you are interested in our Patriot Family Homes Internship Opportunities, please contact us!

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