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Join the Patriot Family Homes Team

We're always looking for reliable, motivated people to join the Patriot Family Homes team. Interested in property management? Have experience in real estate or sales? Are you handy? Organized? Let us know! We'll get back to you quickly with any opportunities.


Fill out this form or email us directly at



In addition to paid positions, Patriot Family Homes also offers internships. Most of our interns are members of the military on the SkillBridge Program, the military's 6-month paid internship opportunity that the military allows through the SkillBridge Program. We take interns on programs of 3-6 months. Internships can be tailored to your specific interests in real estate with tracks that focus on:

  • Purchases and acquisition

  • Renovation and construction

  • Interior Design

  • Property Management 

  • Sales and Marketing 

  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance 

  • Financing and Debt Structuring 

There is no expectation that you come to work for Patriot Family Homes after completing your internship, but many of our previous interns have.

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