Military Spouses and Veterans 

Founded by an Army Ranger and Army wife, Patriot Family Homes knows that military spouses and veterans are some of the most reliable and capable employees you can have. Educated, motivated, and trustworthy, these men and women have sacrificed the luxury of choosing where they live and work in service of military duty. We employ a network of military spouses and veterans to manage our properties, handle guest interaction, and develop business partnerships. And because we have homes in five cities near military bases (and growing!), many of our military employees can keep their job if they move!

If you are a military spouse or veteran interested in working for Patriot Family Homes, send us a message! We’ll get back to you quickly with any opportunities. 



Navy Spouse 

"Patriot Family Homes has been a blessing in my life as a Navy wife. Military families have an unpredictable life, not just in the cross-country moves (four times in four years for us!) but also in their day-to-day. It is so empowering to work with a team who understands this crazy lifestyle, supports your flexible schedule, and shares the same values of family and service."



Army Veteran and Spouse

"As a military spouse, this job is perfect for me. I can continue to be the pillar of support that my husband's career demands, and be present in my kids' lives. I can work for, succeed in, and grow with the same company despite having to move to a different state every 1-3 years. With this job, I have not had to sacrifice any part of my Self and I love that!"


Army Veteran

"Working at Patriot Family Homes has been the perfect opportunity as I transition out of active duty military service. As an Infantry Army Captain, I took care of my soldiers, and now I'm looking forward to taking care of families when they travel to new places by providing safe, comfortable homes."


Army Veteran

"Getting to work with PFH has been a blessing for me when it came to transitioning out of the Army. I have been able to continue to pursue my dreams as an international rugby coach while also continuing to serve. I love helping people, and genuinely care about their experiences!"


Army Veteran

"I love getting to work with such a tight knit family. Patriot Family Homes provides me stability, flexibility, excitement, and camaraderie every single day! I love talking to military families because I remember the logistical difficulties my own family went through every time they came to see me. Helping other families makes me feel like I am taking care of my own."


Military Family

"My husband was in the National Guard and my father served in the Army in Japan. Patriot Family Homes gives families a place to come together and enjoy a special time with their soldiers. It is wonderful to hear from a grateful mother how appreciative she is that she can prepare her soldier’s favorite meal and have a place to sit down and share that meal together. This is not a job to me; it is a ministry and I feel so fortunate to be part of it."


Army Spouse

"We've moved five times in three years with the Army, a familiar story for many military spouses. In fact, Joe and I have never spent a wedding anniversary together! I know how challenging it is for military spouses to uproot their lives and find work in a new place at the drop of a hat. When Joe and I started Patriot Family Homes, we knew our business would be made better, and our guests well taken are of, by these smart, driven women!"


We're always looking for smart, capable people to join the Patriot Family Homes team!



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