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5 Reasons to Stay with Patriot Family Homes for the Holidays

Halloween costumes are on the clearance rack, the trick-or-treat candy is being replaced with candy canes on shelves nationwide. This means one thing… we are officially in the holiday season, people. Holidays are a time for making new memories and seeing loved ones near and far. As your family and friend groups have changed and most likely grown over the years, the question is starting to be texted in group chats across the country….

“where is everyone staying for the holidays this year?”

Your grandma’s place is sweet, but smells a little weird and is always 90 degrees. Your sister only feeds her kids organic and is side eyeing you because yours are eating cookies for breakfast. (Calories don’t count on the holidays, they’ll be fine.) And if you have to sleep on the air mattress in your brother’s basement one more time, you and your spouse will be in couple’s therapy by New Years. Which is why we recommend you stay the holidays with us…and your family. Yes, you can have your fruitcake and eat it too. Not convinced? Let us fill your stockings with reasons why staying at a Patriot Family Home’s property this season is the right choice for you and your family.

Give Yourself the Gift of Privacy

Privacy and space during the holidays are like diets; they don’t exist. Or they didn’t until now. Renting your own place for you and your family will you give the privilege to wake up, get ready and sleep in peace. We know there’s fun in being together all the time…but only sometimes. Assuring you have hot water for your morning shower and your own room to sleep in, will help ease the tension when politics are brought up around the table. Also, having your own space allows you to have the intimate morning family time, without missing out on the chaos that ensues when your uncle and aunt get into it over a grudge from 1998. We all have FOMO when stories start out with, “you had to be there.” Don’t have FOMO. Be there, but stay with us.

We Have the Locations

Patriot Family Home’s has the best properties in the South West area. And after you see where your sister-in-law was gonna put you and your three kids, you’re gonna love our properties even more. We offer cozy and clean accommodations that truly give you the home away from home experience. Check out all of our locations to find a property near your holiday destination.


Staying with PFH is like a Costco pumpkin pie- it’s the best bang for your buck and there’s some for everyone. Renting a whole house is more cost effective than stacking up hotel rooms. Not to mention during the holidays most hotel perks aren’t even available: limited spa hours and shortened room service? No, thank you. With Patriot Family Homes, what you see is what you get. We want to help bring the magic to your holidays and all your short term rental stays without breaking your bank.

You’ll Have Your Own Kitchen

We aren’t your in-laws, we don’t care what your eating habits and restrictions are-we just want to make sure you have a place to accommodate them. Having a kitchen during your family holiday vacation is a total game changer. There has to be a statistic for family fights that start out of family members just being bloated. We’ve been there. Our kitchens will allow your family to stick to its eating routine…which will keep the family drama to a minimum. Stay with PFH, don’t be mean to your family, you might need one of their kidneys one day.

Vacation within a Vacation

Our properties are meant to feel like mini vacation homes. We have homes that can fit your entire family… even the cousins. The more the merrier, we have properties that can fit guests well into the double digits. Unlike the first Christmas, there is room for everyone in our homes. Our team at PFH strives to make every home feel like a vacation stay. When you book with us online you can even modify the search and booking to meet all of your family’s needs.

All yuletide kidding aside, we are excited for you to spend the holidays with our PFH family. We are honored to be hosting your family and hope that our homes provide a place to make memories for you and yours that will last many years to come.

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