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Our Story

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Joe Riley
Founder & Owner

Get to Know Us

Established in late 2017 by Joseph and Rachel Riley, Patriot Family Homes traces its origins to a pivotal moment when Captain Joe Riley was deployed to Afghanistan. Sensing an unmet need for furnished temporary housing near military bases, the Rileys capitalized on their insight by listing their home near Fort Benning on Airbnb. Their astute observation soon evolved into a dedicated venture as they expanded their portfolio, acquiring four properties in close proximity to Columbus, Georgia by the close of 2018.

In 2019, despite unforeseen circumstances that saw Joe deployed to Ukraine, he remained steadfast in overseeing operations, orchestrating a team of veterans and military spouses to manage the burgeoning portfolio. By 2020, the company had grown to encompass 50 homes, a number that doubled to 100 by 2021. Today, Patriot Family Homes stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment, boasting a seasoned team of over 150 professionals and offering more than 500 short-term rentals across 30 markets.


Mission & Vision

Mission: A family of servant leaders revolutionizing the ways everyday folks in everyday places live, work, and travel. 

Vision: To provide traveling families, friends and colleagues with comfortable and affordable 
short term rentals. 


Thoughtfully curated and stylish accommodations crafted to provide guests with an authentic sense of comfort and belonging.


Our team members are readily accessible both virtually and onsite, ensuring our guests can embark on their travels with peace of mind.


Our booking platform, along with state-of-the-art ID verification tools and smartlock technology, guarantees a smooth and secure travel journey for our guests.


Patriot Family Homes is equipped with proficient local teams in each city, dedicated to ensuring that every home is impeccably clean and meticulously maintained.


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Veteran Owned and Operated

Patriot Family Homes takes pride in being veteran-owned and operated, with a commitment to providing quality housing solutions near military bases. Founded by military veterans, our team brings firsthand understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by service members and their families, ensuring personalized and supportive service every step of the way.

Established by an Army Ranger and Army spouse, Patriot Family Homes recognizes the unparalleled dedication and competence of military spouses and veterans in the workforce. These individuals, characterized by their education, motivation, and integrity, have made sacrifices to serve their country, demonstrating unwavering commitment. Our company proudly employs a network of military spouses and veterans to oversee property management, guest interactions, and business development. Our employees have the flexibility to maintain their employment even in the event of relocation.

If you are a military spouse or veteran interested in joining the Patriot Family Homes team, please reach out to us. We prioritize prompt responses and will promptly inform you of any available opportunities.









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