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Tips for First Time AirBnB Guests

You made your AirBnB guest account, you booked the dates, and are confirmed…now what? First off, congrats. You made the best decision for your travel. AirBnB offers more and better accommodations than most hotels, and allows you to get the most out of your vacation (and money). Clearly, we are big fans over here. And we want to make you part of the fan club too. Here’s a list of tips that will help you get the most out of your first AirBnB stay.

#1 Read the Property’s Entire Profile

We get it, pictures say a thousand words. But sometimes they don’t say, “we will provide an animal crate with advanced notice,” or “our pool is heated, so bring your swimsuit in October.” Reading the whole profile will give you all the details and information you will need for the property. Each rental has unique things about them that were created specifically to make your stay more enjoyable. Don’t miss out on all your rental has to offer, read on!

#2 Communicate with Your Host

Your host is excited for your stay and more than willingly to be there for you, even before your reservation starts. The “contact host” feature allows you to securely message your future host about any questions concerning your stay. Can you check-in 30 minutes early? Can you check-out an hour late? Your host will let you know, and the more advanced notice you can give them, the more time they will have to prepare accommodations for your stay.

#3 Live & Eat Locally

One of the many perks about staying in an AirBnb is you get to live like the locals do. Another benefit is having a kitchen, allowing you to cook your own meals.

Mecklenburg Gardens Restaurant Oldest Restaurant in Cincinnati Just Half A Block From Our Airbnb Dreamy on Donahue

Local supermarkets will most likely have unique products that are specific to that region, giving you a chance to be fully immersed in the area you are visiting. When you do decide to eat out…eat locally! Eating new cuisine is one of the best parts of travel. We encourage you to ask around or search for the best restaurants in the area. A burger on a donut? Guacamole with peaches and mango? There is treasure in your new backyard, go find it.

#4 Ya’ll Come Back Now, Ya Hear?

When it’s check-out time, a quick thank you note to your host will be appreciated, but is not necessary. Don’t forget to leave a review telling the hosts all you loved about the property and your stay. Lastly, don’t be a stranger! If you are back in the area, book that same AirBnB again. The rules for AirBnB bookings and chips and queso are not the same- feel free to double dip.

#5 The Cleaning Fee

Every host will have a cleaning fee that they will have set with each booking. The cleaning fee is a one time fee that will be added to your booking on top of the nightly booking rate. This fee ensures that the property is tidy, sanitary and clean for each guest’s stay. However, just because there is a cleaning fee, doesn’t mean you can throw a Mrs. Doubtfire party with zoo animals at your AirBnB. Most hosts will charge an extra fee on top of the basic cleaning fee for additional treatments and incidents. ( Think puppy and children accidents.) If there is an incident or accident that comes up, reach out to your hosts so they can prepare in advance for their next check-in.

Whether you are traveling for work, a wedding, or vacation, AirBnB is always the right choice. AirBnB offers a home away from home for every occasion. It’s hard to get homesick, when you feel right at home.

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