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  • Greg Escobar

Ramblings From The Intern - Trip 1

Trip 1 was definitely a warm start… mission not secret, destination Columbus GA. It had been a couple of years since I drove this stretch of highway. Tall majestic pines leaning over the blacktop, casting shadows over the lanes of traffic along highway 85 and 185. Like the yellow brick road to OZ, this stretch leads wayward boys away from home and into a world that creates the nation’s freedom fighters and often gives each warrior a sobering reality of their own mortality.

This trip was different I thought, reflecting back it had been well over 20 years since I drove it the first time. This time there would be time to reminisce but more importantly it would be an opportunity to learn a new craft. One that would lead me down a new exciting road and into a profession of property management among professionals with common understanding.

Little did I know there would be a crucible. Not Cole range or a walk to daylight but a test. A challenge brought forward by an unlikely hero named Pierce. He came in a majestic stead owned not by him, or the owner, the owner's dad, but the owners grandfather. A symbol in itself permeated of trust, closeness, and inclusivity that is the company.

After arriving at my point of debarkation, I moved along the yellow brick road that I had traveled so many times before to my linkup point with Peter. Something I had done many times before but for other purposes over the years. Previous times I called Peter sir, but this time was different. We both were transitioning into a different life but like many times before Peter greeted with, change of mission. Pierce is on the way and he needs our help unloading a trailer. My mind wandered thinking there are 2 horses with 100% disability rating right for this job… perhaps, but no one asked escalate if he was right for the adventure either.

Instead, I asked, is it time to chop wood. I reflected on Mike Murphy’s story and his first test in preparation to become a seal. Before even entering the Navy Mike was introduced to an old crusty trainer. One that determined whether a candidate's worth was determined by his first impression. When a trainee walked to his door, conditions were set to greet him… A pile of wood and two axes set. A conversation would begin in the front yard, and the trainer, like Yoda, would just start to chop wood. If the candidate helped by picking up the second axe, and continued until all the wood was chopped then he would be asked back for training. If the candidate never touched the axe or quit before all the wood was chopped, then he would never begin his journey to be a seal.

It was time to chop wood!

Greg Escobar

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