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A List Of Free And Affordable Things To Do In Birmingham, AL

If you are planning to visit a military base in the Birmingham, AL, area, you are probably looking for some free or affordable things to do off-base. You're lucky because there is a wide variety of exciting and fun free or cheap things to do when you visit Birmingham, AL. You'll find excellent vacation rentals through Patriot Family Homes that are close to the base, so you can spend more time with your family and less time traveling back and forth. Here's a list of some of the best attractions in the Birmingham, AL, region.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
  • Visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute: This museum offers an in-depth look at the history of the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, including interactive exhibits and artifacts from the era.

Alabama Ballet
  • Catch a show at the Alabama Ballet: This professional ballet company presents a variety of productions throughout the year, from classical ballet to contemporary pieces.

Alabama Theater
  • Take a tour of the Alabama Theatre: This historic theater is a must-see for architecture and history buffs. Please take time to learn about its past and see the stunning interior.

Hot and Hot Fish Club

Enjoy a meal at Hot and Hot Fish Club: This critically acclaimed restaurant serves various seafood dishes and has been named one of the best restaurants in Birmingham.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens
  • Explore the Birmingham Botanical Gardens: More than 67 acres of gardens feature over 12,000 different types of plants, as well as walking paths, lakes, and educational exhibits.

Explore All Of The Varied Things In Birmingham, AL

As you can see, there are plenty of free and affordable things to do in Birmingham, AL to keep you and your family occupied. Patriot Family Homes has a wide range of homes available in the area. Patriot Family Homes is a veteran-owned and operated company specializing in short-term rentals near military bases. We also have vacation rentals for your four-legged furry friends, so check out our pet-friendly vacation rentals too! Our Property Management team handles every aspect of running a short-term rental, so you don't have to! To hear more about our long list of available vacation homes, visit our website or call 706-489-1800.

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