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How Patriot Family Homes works with Landlords & Property Management Companies

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Who We Are

Patriot Family Homes is a veteran-owned and operated short-term rental company. We partner with traditional property managers and landlords to provide stable cash flow. We leverage our team of veterans/military spouses, and cutting-edge technology to overcome the myriad of challenges associated with operating STRs. We have remained profitable -- indeed, have grown substantially -- through the COVID-19 crisis. PFH specializes in partnering with traditional property managers to provide stable cash flow to owners by signing long-term leases; in turn, we transform typical long-term units into welcoming short-term accommodation. We are currently looking for new partners as we expand into additional markets!

Partnering with PFH

We operate single-family and multifamily short-term rentals in 25+ markets. We are already partnered with 30+ landlords and property managers in those markets. We sign 3-5 year leases, furnish the properties, and rent them out on a short-term basis (e.g. on Airbnb, on our website, to insurance companies, etc.) These landlords range from “mom and pop” homeowners to large management companies with 1000s of doors. We look for partners who are open to growing with us – and, able to provide multiple properties in a market; in return, we offer stable longer-term cash flow to the asset owner and a hassle-free management experience. We are committed to keeping the properties we rent in great condition; our guests demand that we keep property interiors clean, exteriors and lawns well kept, and maintenance up to date.

Next Steps to Move Forward

Send Us Your Homes - our team will look at them and give you a quick answer on whether they would be a good fit Identify Potential Homes for Rent - our underwriting team will then look at revenue potential

Review Lease Documents - we can share our standard 3-5 year lease document for you to review

Discuss Brokerage Opportunities (if applicable) - we are also looking to deploy capital for purchases

Share Preferred Vendor List - we like to use your preferred/recommended vendors (e.g. lawn)

Build a Win-Win Partnership - we put stable cash flow in your owners’ pockets!

Thank You!

For questions or additional information, please contact our Business Development Director: or 484-393-2519, And visit our website at:

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