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8 Short Term Rental Advantages Over Hotels

8 Short Term Rental Advantages Over Hotels

There’s a reason that this year over 45.6 million travelers will choose staying at a short term rental over a hotel. It’s simple. Short Term Rentals have taken over the vacation industry. They are doing it better by offering creative spaces with thousands of locations for you and your family. Staying at a short term rental provides a one of a kind stay for your one of a kind family. Below are some reasons you should say bye-bye to those plastic hotel key cards and soggy egg continental breakfasts- forever.

1.) You Get More and Pay Less with Short Term Rentals

This may be the only reason you need to pick a short term rental over a hotel. You get more space for your money, and everyone is a fan of that. In most cases, you can get a whole house for the same price, if not cheaper than the average hotel room. Only, with a short term rental everyone has a bed. Two double queens in one bedroom? Who ever thought that was a good idea?

2.) The Amenities are Better

Not only are the amenities better in a short term rental- they can be free AND you don’t have to share them. When staying at a house with a pool or hot tub, you don’t have to keep checking out your hotel window to see if that talkative couple is still in the hot tub. You will have the amenities all to yourself. Not to mention, after 2020 some hotel amenities are still not back up and running.

Some short term rentals even offer amenities that hotels would charge for: kayaks, bikes, wifi, etc. The amenities can be included in your search, so if pool parties are important to your family, you can make that happen with a simple check of a box.

3.) You’ll Have a Kitchen

What is a free continental breakfast but stale generic cereal and bad coffee? A free breakfast is NEVER a reason to stay at a hotel over a STR. One, the food is never good (or even real food there we said it). Two, with a STR you can have your favorite coffee and quick breakfast go-to’s, making your stay more enjoyable. And you can have breakfast at ANY time of the day( no 9 AM cut offs here) Having a full kitchen is essential for long stays in short term rentals!

4.) The Wifi is Included (and Faster)

Wifi is not only included at most short term rentals- it’s free and faster than at hotels. Wifi is important people! Whether it’s streaming Netflix’s for your kid’s nap time ritual or logging into a work Zoom call, you need a strong signal. Hotels are infamous for poor Wifi signals. You have thousands of guests trying to make work calls and upload Tik-Toks at the same time. Recently, some hotels even charge for using Wifi after a certain amount of time. #notcool With a STR you will only be sharing signals with the guests you invited. Stream, Zoom, Upload with ease during your stay.

5.) Washer and Dryers ( AKA Pack Less)

Washer and Dryers are a HUGE bonus of staying at a short term rental over staying in a hotel. Washing your clothes on short stays means you don’t have to pack as much… which means more room in your suitcase for souvenirs and shopping. Bringing home dirty laundry from your vacation is never fun. And if you have little ones, you know the importance of having a washer and dryer on hand. Throw a load in the washer in-between hot tub sessions (or naps) and enjoy your free amenities.

6.) Neighborhood Locations

Short Term Rentals are mostly in residential neighborhoods or lots on their own which means…. peace and quiet. Hotels are located right next to airports, shopping plazas, and right next to heavily trafficked areas. Staying with Patriot Family Homes offers a coming home feeling, even when you are away. You can truly immerse yourself into the community of your desired destination- no matter long your short stay is. Think driveways…not commercial parking lots.

7.) What You See is What You Get

I’m convinced hotels take pictures of a sample room once and use that stock photo for YEARS. I saw a photo from a hotel recently where there was a VCR in the background. A VCR! Do your kids even know what a DVD player is? Exactly. This all points to the question, “Where am I really staying?” With short term rentals- what you see, is what you get. Most hosts take pride in updating and opening their homes to guests to assure excellent stays and procure future bookings. These aren’t robots who don’t care if your daughter needs two blankets at night to sleep. These are families and people, who care about well…families and people. Needless to say, if you ask in advance- I’m sure there will be two blankets left out for your little girl.

8.) Check-in is Easier

We’ve all been there before. You arrive to your hotel at 3pm. Your room isn’t clean yet. You’re tired from traveling. Your work event, friend’s rehearsal dinner, or father’s surprise birthday is in 3 hours. You were banking on this time to wash your hair, watch an episode of Friends and hit the bar. You wait in line…you speak to an assistant manager…who calls the manager… but you never actually see this guy… they tell you 15 minutes four times. Sound familiar? Check-ins at hotels are the WORST. Check-ins with short term rentals are easy. Check-ins with Patriot Family Homes? The easiest. Skip the lines and stay with us!

If you have stayed with Patriot Family Homes or a short term rental before, you know how short term rentals bring more excitement to the ordinary work trip, family visit, and get out of town weekend. No matter what your reason for booking, you can be guaranteed an excellent experience that tops any hotel stay. When it comes to your vacations think more living rooms, less lobbies.

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