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3 Cool Coffee Shops In Columbus, GA

Columbus, GA, is a beautiful city with great spots to eat and grab a drink. If you love a warm cup of coffee, you'll be happy to know there are many great places for coffee. Suppose you are looking to spend your vacation time in Columbus, GA. In that case, you should look through the vacation homes Patriot Family Homes have for you near military bases in Georgia. Here is a preview of enjoyable coffee shops in Columbus, GA.

Iron Bank Coffee Co.

Iron Bank Coffee Co. gets its name because it is located in a historic bank building in downtown Columbus, GA. The history dates back to the mid-1800s, leading to attractive interior design. It has some great-tasting coffee and espresso too.

Midtown Coffee House

This is a big-time favorite with locals in Columbus, GA. At Midtown Coffee House, you can grab a simple black coffee or some delicious premium blended coffees. In addition to your coffee, you can order some small meals like homemade soups and sandwiches too.

My Boulánge

This French-inspired bakery and cafe is a cute and relaxing place for coffee with friends. They serve coffee and, later in the day, wine, beer, and champagne as well. Besides drinks, there is a wide selection of pastries, sandwiches, and quiches.

Enjoy The Best Coffee In Columbus, GA

You won't regret waking up early to sip on a warm cup of coffee from these shops in Columbus, GA. Patriot Family Homes is a veteran-owned and operated company specializing in short-term rentals near military bases. We also have vacation rentals for your four-legged furry friends, so check out our pet-friendly vacation rentals too! Our Property Management team handles every aspect of running a short-term rental, so you don't have to! To hear more about our long list of available vacation homes, visit our website or call 706-489-1800.

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