Joe founded Patriot Family Homes to meet the need for affordable, reliable housing in the South, particularly near military bases. A captain in the Army, Joe has deployed with the Ranger Regiment to Afghanistan and Ukraine. He is currently serving in the White House with the National Security Council.


Chief Strategy Officer

Rachel co-founded Patriot Family Homes and directs company long-term planning. Rachel also works as an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company. As an Army wife and management consultant, she is intimately familiar with the needs of both military families and traveling business professionals.

Kit is responsible for overall management of Patriot Family Homes operations. Kit is also the co-founder of Trialspark, a pharmaceutical research start-up focused on clinical trials innovation. Kit lives and works in New York and Washington, D.C.

Vice President

Kate oversees property management and partner relations across all of Patriot Family Homes' markets. Kate is both an Army veteran and military spouse. After commissioning from West Point, she served in the Medical Service Branch. She lives in South Bend, IN where her husband is serving in the Army Infantry.

Director of Operations

Tim oversees the Operations Team for Patriot Family Homes nationwide.  With over 30 years experience in hospitality and retail management, Tim has a focus on "Exceeding our guest expectations".  Tim and his spouse reside in Richmond, Virginia. 

Director of Logistics

& Quality Assurance

Alyssa oversees new property set up and quality assurance for the Patriot Family Homes portfolio. She brings over 24 years of hospitality experience, working in big hotels and vacation rentals. Alyssa is a mother of three and sister to two Marine brothers. She lives in Nashville, TN.


Destiny provides oversight of accounting functions for Patriot Family Homes. She has experience in public and corporate accounting and values providing services for families. In addition to her role with PFH, she serves as an accountant to a publicly traded company and lives with her family in Tennessee.


Chief of Communications

Lauren is the communications director for Patriot Family Homes. A West Point grad, Lauren served in the Army Transportation Corp stationed in Germany and Texas. Today she attends veterinary school and lives in Davenport, IA.

Chief of Logistics

Kaitlyn serves as Patriot Family Homes' Chief of Logistics. Kaitlyn commissioned from West Point and served in the Army as a Field Artillery Officer. Kaitlyn now travels the world as an international rugby coach.


Regional Manager

Meeka is responsible for property management and guest relations of our Birmingham homes. She is a former military spouse of a retired airman; they served together for 20+ years.


Regional Manager

Trish is responsible for property management and guest relations of our Columbia homes.


Business Development Associate

Becky is often quoted  as saying, “I want neither credit nor blame” for raising 3 strong willed boys. In addition to birthing Joseph, and her day job, teaching exceptional students in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, she offers PFH team members a thumbs up when needed.

Market Director, Pennsylvania

Wes coordinates property management operations in Columbus and researches new markets for Patriot Family Homes. As a husband and father of two, Wes aims to provide safe, reliable homes and services to families.

Vice President of Management

Kathy oversees property management operations in Patriot Family Homes' largest market: Columbus, GA. The daughter of an Army diver and married to a former National Guardsman, Kathy feels a close kinship with military families.

Director of Digital Marketing

Helen manages Patriot Family Homes' online brand, responsible for advertising, web design, SEO, and content creation.  She is a military spouse, married to a Navy F/A-18 pilot and living in Lemoore, CA.


Regional Manager

Athens & Montgomery

Tashawna joins Patriot Family Homes from Willoughby Enterprises where she is Executive Director. She brings 8 years of experience in the hospitality industry, and oversees our operations in Athens, GA and Montgomery, AL. Her motto for guests is "W.E. Keep It Simply Clean”.  



Acquisitions Specialist, Detroit

Joshua recently graduated with a degree in engineering from the University of Michigan. He is focused on market development in the Midwestern region. Though new to PFH, he is Joe's younger brother, so he's been a part of the family for a while. 


Regional Manager
Greater Middle Tennessee

Janet manages PFH's homes in Middle Tennessee and is helping launch their portfolio near Fort Bragg. A long-time military spouse whose husband served for 20 years in Special Forces, Janet has decades of experience in property management and customer service at Army bases around the country.


Acquisitions Specialist

When Laura isn’t finding and setting up properties for Patriot Family Homes, she spends her time hiking, enjoying the beach, and teaching kids about nature as a science teacher. She loves finding ways to incorporate environmentally friendly practices, cozy decor, and plenty of color into Patriot Family Homes!



New Market Directors

Christine and fiancé Richie are joining Patriot Family Homes from Menlo Park, CA.  Richie's background in online marketing in the Bay Area and Christine's experience in teaching and coaching in Silicon Valley combine to make them the perfect team. Richie grew up a Marine brat, and Christine is the daughter of a National Guardsman.


Acquisitions Specialist 
Columbus & Huntsville

Lee is Patriot Family Homes' trusted realtor in Columbus & Huntsville, helping us find great homes our guests will love.


Acquisitions Specialist

Michael is our trusted realtor in Columbia, helping grow Patriot Family Homes' portfolio of family-friendly homes.




Dion takes care of maintenance in our Huntsville homes.



Matt takes care of maintenance in our Columbus homes.


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